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Whether you want a whole video produced from concept through to online publishing, or you just want an edit, maybe you need some presenting to camera coaching to represent your brand to the max or whether you want to buy the kit and do it yourself - we're here to help you. If it isn't already catered for, you just need to ask, we'd love to talk to you.

We are a small yet global business who's mission is to help business owners everywhere harness the power of video. We have selected people from over the globe to form our team of experts and we're here to help you not only feel comfortable with using video but to produce videos you are proud of. 

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Video Production

Video Production

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Video Editing

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Do It Yourself

How to shoot your own professsional videos - step by step guides and video tutorials. Go here !


Presenting Coaching

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The brief for this video was to get internal shots of the superyacht in order to sell it. When we arrived at the location, we realised the larger potential we had to showcase the boat.

We decided a walk through of the boat would be the most effective way to see it and decided to shoot it through the eyes of the owner, so the viewer wolud feel like the boat was already theirs.

We also took externals and approaches to the boat to give the boat more dimension. We wanted to sell the lifetyle rather than the space.


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WE L-O-V-E ...

The Dog Strikes Back from Volkswagen. It’s a prime example of the perfect message for the brand to the consumer. It mixes fun with a serious and strong message: “Back. And Better than Ever.” Watch it here...

Dollar Shave Club. This went viral so fast. Over 8 milliion views. Make your videos fun. people will love you for it. And believe it or not fun sells ! People want to have fun experiences in their lives. Watch it here..

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